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          Safety and Satisfaction...
               Our Commitment to
                   Those We Serve

          Who we are - who we serve

          East Coast Catering is a privately owned company specializing in catering and accommodation services to remote site locations. Our company has operations in seven Canadian provinces catering to the oil and gas, marine, mining, and industrial construction sectors. In Ireland, we provide transitional accommodations to refugees seeking asylum. 

          In Canada, from coast to coast, ECC has a proven track record of providing turn-key camp solutions to mining and constructions projects, including the world-class Voisey’s Bay Nickel project. East Coast Catering operated each phase of the camp from initial exploration to construction to the permanent concentrator complex.
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          Feature Operation

          Suncor Energy
          Client:Suncor Energy
          Location:Terra-Nova FPSO
          Catering and Housekeeping
          October 2007 - Present

          In October 2007 East Coast Catering Limited commenced a three year contract to provide catering and housekeeping services onboard Terra Nova FPSO, a floating production, storage and offloading vessel operated by Suncor Energy to produce oil from the Terra Nova oilfield, 350 kilometres east-southeast of St. John’s, NL.

          On October 1, 2010, East Coast Catering received a two year contract extension from Suncor Energy for provision of catering and housekeeping services on board the Terra Nova FPSO.

          Discovered in 1984 by Petro-Canada, the Terra Nova oilfield i
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          News & Announcements

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