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          Open Camps

          Client: Various
          Location:Chinook Ridge Industrial Lodge
          Accommodations and Catering
          December 2006 - Present

          Located near Grande Cache, Alberta, Chinook Ridge offers 44 private rooms where a washroom is shared between two rooms and 100 private rooms sharing common washroom facilities, buffet dining, recreation room, commissary, internet service and satellite phone service.

          Additional site services include:
          • gas and diesel fuel pumps
          • large surface parking area with plug-ins
          • helicopter landing pad

          Location and directions:
          E1/2 SECT 8 65-13-W6
          Two Lakes Road to km 2-114. Narraway Road from entrance at 10–114 to 10–128. Google Map

          Telephone: 780-940-3870

          Chinook Ridge Industrial Lodge is owned and operated by Horizon Remote Catering Limited.

          Google Map of all 3 locations
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