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          Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling

          Client: GlobalSantaFe International (Canada) Drilling Company
          Location:GSF Grand Banks
          Catering and Housekeeping
          June 2008 – Present

          The GSF Grand Banks is a semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit capable of operating in water depths to 1500 feet. It is under contract to Husky Oil Operations Ltd. to drill and develop wells, including oil producers, water injectors and gas injectors, for the White Rose oilfield.

          The GSF Grand Banks has onboard accommodations for 120 people. East Coast Catering Limited provides full catering and housekeeping services for the rig.  ECC had previously provided procurement and logistics support when catering and housekeeping staff were employed directly by the client.

          GlobalSantaFe is a business unit of Transocean, the world's largest offshore drilling contractor.
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