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          Offshore Oil & Gas Production

          Client: Suncor Energy
          Location:Terra-Nova FPSO
          Catering and Housekeeping
          October 2007 - Present

          In October 2007 East Coast Catering Limited commenced a three year contract to provide catering and housekeeping services onboard Terra Nova FPSO, a floating production, storage and offloading vessel operated by Suncor Energy to produce oil from the Terra Nova oilfield, 350 kilometres east-southeast of St. John’s, NL.

          On October 1, 2010, East Coast Catering received a two year contract extension from Suncor Energy for provision of catering and housekeeping services on board the Terra Nova FPSO.

          Discovered in 1984 by Petro-Canada, the Terra Nova oilfield is the second largest off Canada’s east coast. The field contained approximately 440 million barrels of recoverable oil and has a life of field production of approximately 18-21 years. Production began in January 2002.

          Terra Nova FPSO is one of the largest FPSO vessels ever built. From keel to helideck it is as tall as an 18-storey building. It is 292.2 metres long and 45.5 metres wide and has a storage capacity of 960,000 barrels of oil. It has onboard accommodations for 120 people when producing oil and 160 when not in production.
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