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          ECC Is Sweet Crude

          News & Announcements

          June 17, 2015
          Ten Years of Sweet Crude

          East Coast Catering would like to thank all who contributed to our successful 10th year Sweet Crude accomplishment raising in excess of $120,000 for the Newfoundland Community Food Sharing Association. We would like to thank the Camp Bosses and Accomodation Coordinators along with the crews offshore, a special thank you to Roland Langdon, Edgar Learning  and  Rick Thompson.


          I would also like to thank our suppliers who also assisted in achieving our goals. A special thank you to Len Hand at JB Hands and Sons, Gord Chaytor at Terra Nova Foods, Lorne Haines at Sysco, Ken Crane at Big Eric’s, Peter Gleason from Loudon’s Foods, and Steve Watson at Central Dairies.


          Thanks again,


          Dave Perry

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