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          Safety and Satisfaction...
               Our Commitment to
                   Those We Serve


          Our Team

          East Coast Catering Limited
          30 Queen’s Road
          St. John’s, NL
          A1C 2A5
          Tel: 709-576-1741
          Toll Free: 877-576-1741
          Fax: 709-576-1742
          Email: ecc@eccltd.ca
          Labrador Catering Limited Partnership
          Voisey’s Bay Project Field Office
          P.O. Box 1014, STN C
          Goose Bay, NL
          A0P 1C0
          Tel: 709-576-1741
          East Coast Catering (NS) Limited
          10 Morris Drive Unit 35
          Dartmouth, NS
          B3B 1K8
          Tel: 902-466-0150
          Fax: 902-466-0560
          Email: halifax@eccltd.ca
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