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          Safety and Satisfaction...
               Our Commitment to
                   Those We Serve

          Vision, Mission, Values


          Large-scale resource and energy developments
          will contribute to economic growth in Canada
          for the foreseeable future;

          remote workforce accommodations
          will be required to ensure the success
          of many of these projects.


          To be the preferred provider of
          remote catering and accommodations services
          for resource and energy developments;

          to provide a safe, comfortable
          “home away from home” for
          people working on these important projects.

          Integrity  Do the Right Thing
          - Be honest, trustworthy and ethical
          - Communicate openly and honestly
          - Manage relationships with respect and understanding

          People  Protect our Most Valued Assets
          - Train and motivate our people to serve others
          - Actively promote health and safety
          - Encourage personal growth and development

          Progress  Focus on Solutions
          - Be open to change
          - Encourage learning and continuous improvement
          - Recognize and reward achievement

          Success  Achieve Goals Together
          - Set operational, financial and personal goals
          - Provide tools and resources to achieve goals
          - Measure and reward results

          Excellence  Aim to Be the Best
          - Understand and anticipate client needs
          - Proactively manage performance through people
          - Deliver unsurpassed value-added service
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