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          Safety and Satisfaction...
               Our Commitment to
                   Those We Serve

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          Current Opportunities

          Current Opportunities

          We are always accepting applications for our current and upcoming land-based and offshore projects. We are looking for qualified individuals to fill the following positions:
          • Chief Steward
          • Camp Manager
          • Cook
          • Baker
          • Galley Steward
          • Accommodations Steward
          • Camp Attendant

          Please send your resume by email to jobs@eccltd.ca. Please be sure to attach a cover letter, your resume, and copies of all related certificates. All resume submissions are treated as the confidential property of East Coast Catering Ltd.

          East Coast Catering Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

          The following are our current employment opportunities:

          Note: We are updating our resume database in order to fill positions on the semisubmersible drilling rig Henry Goodrich. Please see below for positions available.

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